Let’s Try to Make this Interesting, eh? News Roundup for May 19th

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No sense beating around the bush.

Let’s go for the tits!

tits on Reaching for Lucidity

Why would I put that in this post? Why not, they are freakish, and so is the music, film, animation, and entertainment scenes. See, it fits. Just not in that shirt.

Wow, huh. That could scare a boob guy even.

Now, on to the news for the day!




Futureheads Album Delayed In The States

I guess the “future” in Futureheads is not a misnomer.

New Metallica Album On Track For September

I am really curious about this one. So are many others it would seem. Did you notice this was from AVERSION, and not Blabbermouth? That is Aversion, with the tag line that says, “rock-punk-indie.”

Well, Metallica IS rock, bit not the kind usually covered by Aversion. They better get this one right or they could have hell to pay.

On a side note, the phrase, “Hell to pay”, does anyone know the origin? i love the phrase, myself.



Slipknot, Machine Head, Children of Bodom To Team Up For European Tour?

I love that this is a question. Of course, this was leaked by a French site, so take it for what it is.

OK, unfair slam of French above, but so what? Everyone slams the French and this is one of the few areas I don’t mind being one of the masses.

Tarja Turunen Performs Nightwish’s “Wish Master” With Solo Band.

Tarja TurunenIf you follow no other link in the roundup today, let thi be the one.

Tarja Turunen. That lady has talent oozing out of her pores. Really. I would lick her bottom repeatedly just because she rocks so damn much!

I thought the split from Nightwish would be bad for her. Not so. Her solo album, “My Winter Storm”, is just plain amazing. It is lightyears better than the Tarja-less Nightwish album from last year.

For those wondering, her name is pronounced Tar Ya, not Tar Ja. J’s are pronounced as Y in Finland, and many other European countries.

Get the album right here, now! you need this! To me, this is the “REAL” Folow up to “ONCE” by Nightwish.

And here is her classic with Nightwish, “ONCE”

Jetboy: New Sacremento Concert Footage Available

Ace Frehely Says He’s Shooting For Early Summer release For New Solo Album

It has been 18 years since Frehely has put out an album, save for the unplugged Kiss show. I actually want to see what he comes up with for this CD. It could be good, no joke.

My bet is it will be black or white, no gray. It will either be a strong album of good rock tunes, or it will be so bad that he may not want to show his face in public again.

Let’s see how it goes!

Danzig Planning Blackest of the Black U.S./ Canada Tour

This is one to look forward to. Danzig is great live, one of the best shows I have seen. And the Blackest of the Black tour is what Ozzfest should have been. Real bands, not pop acts that are supposed to be hard.

Check this out if it comes your way. you will not be disappointed.


Royal Court news from Do Musicians Have Brains?

Chis Juergensen: Sweet Melissa In New Film!

Great news, check out the post. Chris Juergensen, member of the Royal Court here at RfL has placed “Sweet Melissa”, his tune about his daughter, into an indie film called “A Nun, A Gun, And a Prostitute”.

Congrats Chris!

Go to the Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 site to hear the interview Brent Bradley and I did with Chris, it is a great talk!


OK, there it is, the roundup for May 19th. I hope you have a great week!



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