News for May 7th, 2008

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Not too much in the news today. Most things were failing to catch my interest. Hey, we get days like this.

I can’t even manage to get up a good scream of “chakukalaka” today, and that is my favorite new battle cry. So sad.

Here we go.

From Aversion

Police Announce Last-Ever Show

What is that, crickets? I swear I hear crickets. What was I talking about? Oh, well, it could not have been important, or interesting.

Pete Doherty: I’m Off Drugs

pete dohertyNo you are not, idiot. And if you lie again, we will wash your mouth out with soap and water. Now do something useful, like buy Amy Winehouse a new wig, she is looking ragged these days. The real sad thing about you, Pete, is that you actually have talent.

You should write a book. Call it, “How Many Ways to Waste it all.”

That would sum you up pretty well.

Photo by Dale Harvey

My Bloody Valentine Plans US Tour

OK. Next.

MySpace Unveils MySpace Karaoke

Does this seem like a good idea to anyone out there? Really. I want to know.


From Animated News

Seth MacFarlane Lands MegaDeal

For those that think animation is second tier entertainment, this deal with Fox makes good old Seth the highest paid writer–producer currently working on TV. Take that naysayers!


OK, that will about do it for today. Like I said, not much. There were a lot of stories out there, just not a lot of interesting ones. When you see what I put up here and think that the others were not as interesting, well, you get my point.

On another, much more interesting point, to me at least, I am getting a new toy between 3:00 and 4:00 pm today. That is when UPS arrives here usually, and I am getting a new microphone. So expect a recording of some type later today.




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