News Roundup for May 20th, Plus, I Got really Pissed! At Target! Liz Phair Boobs!

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Abdi looks happy with his Slipknot bling, no? Well a wrist band is hardly bling. I am about to get negative for a bit, so let’s start off positive. Later in this post, you get to see Liz Phair’s boobs! Now, on to the negative stuff.

I tell you, one thing I hate is bad customer service. Normally, bad customer service happens when you are getting less service than you paid for, ignored when you need answers, or are being over charged for a service or product. Or maybe even a combination of all the above.

My customer service situation last night was totally different. I was actively trying to drop $1500 to $2000 on a new TV setup, and the teenagers working in the store would not take my freakin money!

First, the girl at the counter referred me to the guy, all teenagers. Even the supervisor was a teenager, and kept butting in while we were trying to get our tv. After finally getting the guy to admit they had the TV we wanted, he called to the warehouse to have it brought out. He then disappeared as someone else was bringing it out.

We waited for 15 minutes, then we tracked him down. At that time another teenager showed up and clerk #1 told him to get our TV. At that time clerk #1 left the department. Clerk #2 however did not get our TV, he went to two young guys looking at much cheaper TV’s and started to goof off with them. Obviously they were friends.

We could not get his attention, so we went to the female again. She did not remember us. By this time we had been waiting for over 30 minutes. Clerk #2 told the girl that he had 2 TV’s to get and he was helping the two guys as well.


Well, we walked without a TV. We were bitten in the ass by trying to save around $400 to $500 dollars. Instead of going to a proper store, where we would have been treated well and got a better set, we went to Target at Triangle Town Center in Raleigh. Beware of that store, as any store that throws away $1500 to $2000 in sales in this financial climate is very suspect.

Now, on to the fun stuff, the news roundup!



From Blabbermouth

Guns N’ Roses Guitarist /bumblefoot: Abnormal Title Track Available for Free Download

Get Bumblefoot’s title track from his solo album free. Isn’t it weird that the hired musicians that work with AXL can actually get music out to the public? And in under 1000 years!

AXL should take note. Write the tunes, record them, mix them, release them. See, no need to work on an album that started when you are young and finally gets released as you get membership to the AARP.

Shadows Fall Members Rock ZOOM Portable Recorders

Watch this vid. These ZOOM units rock. If I ever replace my trusty iRiver it will be with one of these units. Now, after writing that, I need to go and reassure my iRiver that it is in fact irreplaceable.

Oh, the life I lead.

Chris Caffery Checks in From the Studio

Solo Chris. If you like Savatage, or even his guitar work with Trans Siberian Orchestra, then this should fit well into your collection.

UFO Guitarist To Guest On New Destruction Album

That would be Vinnie Moore, and man, can that guy shred! The new Destruction album will be called D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.

Remind me to give them a cock-punch for all those damn periods! OK, just kidding, no man deserves a cock-punch, even for overdone periods, but maybe a throat shot? Anybody?

Alright, no violence over punctuation.

Kiss Announce California Concert

It will be at the Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa in Keyseyville, California on august 31st

Slipknot: European Festival Appearances Announced

I hope to see Slipknot this time around. I mean, the word was they were not getting along, were tired of slipknot, and the last album was their curtain call. Now, they are getting along, they say they are re-energized, and they are not quitting anytime soon.

I really want to hear what a happy to be around Slipknot album sounds like! I just hope there is no crooning, just not their thing, ya know!

Stormlord: Another New Song Posted Online

Go to their Myspace page for the new acoustic track “The Castaway”

Scars On Broadway Confirmed For Germany’s Area4 Festival

This is the new band from Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan from System of a Down. It is good to be in Germany on August 29-31, no?

Mike Muir and Rocky George Perform Together For the First Time in 13 Years.

Check that out. Brings back memories of the good old Suicidal Tendencies days.

It would have been great if Trujillo could have jumped up on stage as well, eh?


From Angry Ape

Flo Rida- Elevator (Feat. Timbaland)

Well, at least Timbaland isn’t Guesting on a stupid Lindsay Lohan album, Oh Wait, he did. Nevermind.

Beck Airs Brand New Track Online

Beck and Danger Mouse, man, this album could be epic! Go check out the track from the ultra-undercover new album.


From Spacelab

Annuals Label-Collective Goes National

The label from North Carolina act the Annuals called Terpsikhore is going nationwide. Good to see success for the small guys, eh? Screw the big labels.

These Are Powers-Taro Tarot

A review

Daedelus Makes “Love to Make Music To”

That has to be one of the best titles I have seen in a long time! You can do some streaming at the Spacelab site as well.

Bumbershoot Festival Gets Band of Horses, The Black Keys, and More

Here are some of the acts, The All-American Rejects, Paramore, Band of Horses, The Black Keys, Sons & Daughters and Estelle

Mark your calendars for August 30 – September 1 at the Seattle Center.

Man, they should book Abney Park!

As for Paramore, well that Hayley Williams is cute. But saying that, as she was born the year after I graduated high school, makes me feel a bit like a dirty old man. Sort of like that scumbag Jerry ” I love 17 year olds while I am in my 40’s” Seinfeld. But still, she IS cute.

Video: Portishead-The Rip

This is a band that I hate that I like them. Did that makes sense?


From The New York Times Technology Section

Netflix to Sell a Device for Instantly Watching Movies on TV Sets

Uhm, I already have that service through my computer thank you. No need for another $99. OK, Not everyone has an LCD or Plasma that can also act as a monitor, but come on people, get to the store and by one. What is this, 2007 or something? Geez. Just don’t go to Target.

I watch all of my TV now through my computer to our LCD sets. With Joost, Netfix, Hulu, Veoh,, and an ever growing selection of other channels, just about everything is there.

I get a kick out of people buying things like LOST from the iTunes Store while streams for free, in full screen, with HD as an option.

Crazy man, just crazy.

OK, I know you want it on your iPod, so be it. Put the free stuff on the POD and watch your main shows for free on the set.

By the way, I have never seen an episode of LOST. Go figure.


From Aversion

Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty Still Collaborating

Is there any good that come of this? Really.

Talented but troubled Pete, along with talentless but troubled Winehouse, plus all the drugs their money can buy?

Why do I see jail in the future instead of an album and tour? Am I just being a pessimist?

Liz Phair to Perform Exile in Guyville

Finally, just 15 years after the original release, and after trying to produce something good since, Phair finally realizes it is all about Exile in Guyville after all.

The performance will be June 25th at the Hiro Ballroom in New Yourk to celebrate the June 24th re-release of the album with bonus material.

David Bowie Musical Not Going Ahead

That sucks, it could be good. Bowie was made for stage. His whole life has been a sort of trippy, dramatic performance. I mean that in a good way. Bowie totally rocks!


Real Networks Pop

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  1. Hey, that chest is good, but topless would have beem better, yes. You know it.

    Slipknot scare me, but I would have like that Bowie show. But I guess not now.

    Target is better than Wal Mart, but that sucks what happened.

  2. Tony! Where have you been. You found the site and left a ton of comments then disappeared.

    Good to see you back.

    Yeah, I wish it could have been better, but I can only use what is available.

    Give slipknot a try, sleep with the lights on if you have to, lol. 😉

    And yeah, usually Target is better. I should have gone to Best Buy or Circuit city though. Actually we did, and we decided to try and save some money at target, it just backfired.

    Stick around this time, OK.


  3. I have been selling the phones, man. Kepping busy.

    I still read all the time tho.

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