The Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #356 / Mevio Radio Simulacast: Chris Juergensen Spotlight and Interview Special!

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This one is a keeper folks. Brent Bradley emailed me recently with a great idea. Why don’t we get Chris Juergensen, member of the Reaching for Lucidity Royal Court, on skype and do a simulcast interview!

Brent, that is one smart guy.

Well, we did it. Chris called in from Japan and we had a three way call from Tampa, Raleigh, and Japan, and we had a blast.

Here is that interview, along with great tunes, not only from Chris’ latest, Strange Phenomena, but from all of his albums!

I also need to say that Brent did a great job of anchoring this interview call and editing the show. The guy deserves a medal!

Chris talks about his music, the music industry, the indie scene and how to make a career out of your music, and even his daughter.

This is a must listen for fans of music, great guitar, blues, the works. If you are an artist, Chris gives so much insight into making a career out of being an indie musician, you just can’t afford to miss this!

Enjoy the first ever Mevio Radio, Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 simulcast!



Songs on the show

Nothing’s got me
Sweet Melissa
Love Dog
The Spirit

Get Chris’ music at:




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