The Site Redesigns are Complete, Now Back To Business. News Roundup for May 16

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It is good to be back writing on the blog, my dear friends. I have to say that the site upgrades have been taking most of my time, but they are now done. (Well, we still have some work on the site banners, but that is for another time)

So, here we go with the news roundup for May 16th.



From Blabbermouth

Dream Theater/Opeth One-Off Acoustic Collaborative Performance Scrapped

Ted Nugent Ramps Up In 2008 Like Never Before

Metallica’s James Hetfield On New Album: The Direction is Embracing the Past In The Now

Huh? Whatever. Look James, just make sure it doesn’t suck, OK. I just want to enjoy Metallics again, is that too much to ask?

Also, I want to hear what Trujillo brings to the band. I have been a fan of his since the the days of Suicidal Tendencies.

Disturbed Creates Unprecedented Online Demand At DeepRockDrive

Check out the Video! Am I the only person really looking forward to this? Hell no, I did not think so. These guys always deliver.

Robert Deleo Says Stone Temple Pilots Is A Volatile Place to be Sometimes

Come on, you have got to be kidding, what with a stable guy like Scott Weiland around? I mean, really.


From AWN

Call for Entries: Toronto MONSTERJAM Animation Contest


Royal Court Members Rocket City Riot on New Album! Recording continues

It is gonna kick serious ass, people. You can count on it!


From Aversion

Poor Bands Accept Crappy Denny’s Sponsorship

These bands better watch it, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were right when they said nobody wants to see fat rockstars. Luckily for Paul and Gene, old doesn’t bother people as much.

Ozzfest Fizzles Down to One Day Event

Call it a day already. It was good, not great, in it’s day. Let it rest.

There you go. See you Monday, or sooner, who knows.




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