Abney Park on RFL! Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #358 The Anything Goes Episode

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Abney Park By Mind on Fire
Abney Park What a show we have for you today! The tunes are pretty much all over the map on this show, and we think that is a good thing.

We have the flag bearers of the steampunk sounds, the great Washington based Abney Park! (Look for another project in the near future featuring Abney Park as well!)

Plus we have Letters Burning along with great news from them as well. I’ll give you a hint. They just emailed us with news that they won a contest and beat 1200 other bands to get a spot at the Ventura CA leg of the Vans Warped Tour! OK, so much for a hint, that pretty much was the news. Subtle, eh?

We have David Beard, Jade Leary, and royal court members Stoat!

That means not only am I throwing different song styles at you, but also geographical differences. We have two UK acts, an Irish act, A band from Washington State, and one from Cali!

I am really challenging your ears today, are you up for it?

Better be, we don’t like pansies at RfL! If you are over 16, read that as pussies, if over 18 read it as sissy fucktards. Be sure not to read the sections above your age group. šŸ˜‰

Oh yeah, in addition, SJ is convinced I want to do foul deeds to him.

Crazy, eh?

Or is it?



Music on the show

David Beard–Catharsis

Jade Leary_Our Silent Ways

Letters Burning_Kings and Queens and Ready Set Go (See them in Ventura at this years Vans Warped Tour!)

Abney Park_Breathe and Airship Pirates

Stoat_The Salty Tango and Capitol

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