An RfL Experiment that Borders on Dangerous, It is 3Currencies

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Danger by Auntie P

DangerSo, how do I put this? I am seriously tired of doing things the way they should be done.

As a matter of fact, Who the hell dictates how things are done. Just what is correct? Why are we still reading books formatted the same and using the same prose formulas from over a hundred years ago? Where is the innovation?

TV, Hollywood, all media. Why are things still so safe?

I do not in any way shape or form mean the use of language or shock values. I mean real innovation. I mean real edge. I mean real innovation. (yes, it deserves mention twice, anyway, who are you to judge whether I can repeat 😉 )

Yes, using shocking language and imagery can be a part of what I am talking about, but using profanity and shock as and end has been done to death, and probably done better.

You could say that the recently late George Carlin started and killed this trend in one routine, the 7 words skit. That was great, one of the best, and it was very provocative. George Carlin was and always will be one of the best.

Then, the skit went to court and was found not to be obscene. After that, comedians, script writers, all writers actually, even radio jocks started a race to the bottom. We are seeing the results today with shows like Rock of Love, Tia Tequila, and others. No substance, No value, no innovation.

Shock? Not any more.

In a time when kids, not even teenagers yet, use the words fuck, cunt, shit, and are not only active in sex, but are lowering the age we see pregnancies daily, that kind of crap programing isn’t shocking or edgy any more. It is the norm.

So, what the hell am I talking about?

I produce the RfL shows the way most other media is created. I produce this blog the way most other blogs are made. I write my articles and even fiction using the same old tired formulas.

And I am in need of something to make me feel relevant again. To feel like I used to feel when I actually felt creative and vital. Unfortunately, that has been quite a while.

I don’t mean I am going full speed ahead to change my media. Doing something as stupid as that would be  career suicide I would deserve. No, I am opening another channel to feed the other side of my mind, creativity, life, whatever.

I am not alone. Andy Warhol was famous for working in the mornings on the celebrity portraits we all know so well, then saying the bills were paid, it was time to work for art. At that point, he and the factory personnel would focus on his actual important pieces.Warhol's Last Supper

This brings up 3Currencies. I have tried so many directions to get that site to work, with no results so far. I do love the idea of 3Currencies though, so I am now making that ground zero for my new project.

The project to re-introduce fear into my media. Not horror media, but going for it even if I fall on my face fear. I will have words, audio, video, animation, everything, and it is going to be wild.

The site may be ugly at times, it may be beautiful, it may bring unease, or it may bring joy. The best of the site will probably combine those elements and add even more. At least that is what I hope.

William S. Burroughs

I have been contemplating this type of experiment site for some time, but Chris Brogan had a post recently that pushed me over the edge on this project.

After rereading Naked Lunch and The Soft Machine for the millionth time, I am re-examining my love of the W. S. Burroughs use of cut up technique. I am exploring freak outs. I will explore creative and not so right uses for punctuation. I am doing this with audio and video as well. I am going to attack each piece of media with a viscous, visceral abandon.

Yes, some of the media may fall flat while other pieces may soar, I just hope none of it will be boring.

Hey, it is not just me. A lot of us get caught up in doing things the “right” way. I invite you all to submit media to the site if you have need to visit your barbaric, more animal side. If you do submit, I only ask a few things.

1. No overt racism, hatred, or discrimination. Edgy, yes, as long as it has artistic merit. I know it may be unfair, but since my name and RfL is on the site, I will be the judge. I will however listen to your reasons, and will stay open minded on all contributed works.

2. I need the work to be creative, challenging to the status quo, and dangerous. Do not fall into the trap I wrote about above, Writing a short story using fuck and cunt every other word is not edgy or creative or shocking. It is lazy and cheesy. Use those words if they fit your piece, by all means, but use them in a way that fits. Make the content dangerous, edgy, and avant garde.

3. Don’t be timid, but don’t feel you need to be on 11 at all times. This site is about re-writing the focus and formula. We want to find the way to a new future. That can happen softly as much as it can happen with a bang.

4. I understand that taking part in something like this could be scary for those that have branded themselves personally in ways counter to this experiment. That is fine. I will publish work under pseudonyms. I will never tell anyone who you are if you would rather stay anonymous.

So, you guys and gals have the stones for this? I have started to add media already. Just a couple of pieces. I will be adding content at a faster pace now that things have launched. Please head over to 3Currencies and check things out. Let’s all get out of our comfort zone and destroy the tired formulas.



Warhol’s Last Supper by YDHSU

William s. Burroughs by S.Casey

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