Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 Episode #357, The Punk Rules! Episode

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The Distillers by Djenan

The DistillersAs you may know, I have been feeling a bit down and out due to my recent bout with vertigo. Well, I am on the mend and nothing gets me going again like a great big dose of Punk Rock! So here we go!

SJ and I start out by making an association between the guy that patented the gas mask and the U.S. Congress. Hey, we can’t help ourselves, ya know.

We also have a hygiene tip for those sweaty punk rock girls out there. What can I say, punk shows get pretty sweaty, now you will know how to handle it!

Then SJ takes it upon himself to label me, good old Eban, a pervert. Listen in to see how that plays out.

Then, we finish off the episode with a question and answer segment, answering a couple of recent emails. We get the return of Sallygirl with one question, and new fan T_Mob_Tony with another. Find out why we dropped segments when we went 2.0 and where the hell the Animated Series second season is.

Fun stuff.

Oh yeah, here is the music on the show today.

Rocket city riot_ Under The Bright Lights_Royal court members that just deliver! They are also recording a new album, how cool is that?

The Graverobbers_Now That You’re Gone_First time play by these UK Punks

Bad Religion_Modern Man_I get chills that we can even play these guys, punk royalty!

Capsula_Kicking It Out_Punk from Buenos Aires and Spain!

Fishbone_Jackass Brigade_I saw these guys play back at the second Lollapalooza tour, still kick!

Distillers_L.A. Girl_One of our 5 ultimate show closer songs, so get ready to get your ass kicked!



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  1. Fun show Eban! Glad you are feeling better …. and I am totally looking forward to the next animated show! Have a super day!

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