The Juggernaut Is Back! Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #359

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Jeanne Sagan from All That remains by Natalia Balcerska Photography

Jeanne Sagan from All That RemainsI love producing the Juggernaut! I still to this day love kicking off the weekends with a great dose of hard rock and metal.

Today’s show is insane. We hear from Royal Court members Darque Carnival and Rising Conviction. We also hear from All That Remains, Bullet for my Valentine, and we finish off with a two-fer from God Forbid!

Do you like Slipknot? Well, we love Slipknot, SJ and I, and we have some great news from their upcoming release which is scheduled for August 26th. You do not have to wait to hear the song Psychosocial thanks to Hot Topic. We will explain in the show. Check the bottom of this post to go to Hot topic online!

Do you think Tommy Lee is an idiot. Well, We think Tommy Lee is a baffoon of the highest order, SJ and I, and we have some news from that freakout as well.

And yeah, the sound is off today–We are not on our normal rig–Sorry 😉

Enjoy the show!

Music on the show

Darque Carnival–Down Driven

Rising conviction–Shudder and Skin

All That Remains–The Air that I Breathe

Bullet For My Valentine–Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow (What Can I do)

God forbid–To The Fallen Hero and Anti Hero

News Items

Slipknot News

Tommy Lee News



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