Where is Reaching for Lucidity? What the Hell Happened?

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heart monitorI had a condition, that’s what happened.

Best I can tell, I had a rare bad reaction to ibuprofen, which up until this past week’s events, I was taking daily.

I was suffering from a really bad case of vertigo, which also led to some bouts of nausea. I could not stand up without feeling like I was going to fall. I had no balance at all, and looking at fixed objects, like computer monitors or books, made me sick.

If you look at the warnings on the ibuprofen bottle, two of the possible, but rare, side effects are circulation problems that could lead to stroke or heart complications, and blocked iron absorption which leads to anemia. The warnings also indicate that continued use of the product over long periods can increase the chance of these side effects.

Well, ibuprofen was my weapon of choice in my fight with back pain. When I first hurt my back several years ago, I was told surgery was on the table. I will not have back surgery until absolutely necessary. I was then offered Vicodin, which I also rejected for obvious reasons. Vioxx was next, but after reading the information on the drug’s possible side effects, I again said no. (for the record, I was proven right on that decision)

I have a tendency to have a bit of a drink every so often, so I try to stay away from Tylenol as the liver problems associated with Tylenol and alcohol are pretty well documented.

That left me with ibuprofen, which has worked great for years in helping me get sleep. The pain would just keep me awake many nights.

Well, I guess it caught up with me.

The vertigo could have been caused either by circulatory problems or anemia brought on by a bad reaction to ibuprofen, which could have been building over time.

I stopped taking the ibuprofen, and started on 81mg aspirin and cayenne supplements for circulation, and iron for the possible anemia. After 3 days, I started to feel the effects subsiding, and as I write this, I am feeling pretty much normal again. This pretty much indicates the ibuprofen as the culprit, although I do not know if stopping the ibuprofen use, the aspirin and cayenne, or the iron was what got me here.

I really don’t care, I am just happy to be able to walk and work on the computer again without feeling like I am going to fall over or puke.

The question could be asked why I did not see a doctor as the vertigo could be an early sign of a heart attack or a stroke. Well, first off, I am hard headed. Second, I had no secondary indications of heart attack or stroke. I was lucid, no numbness, no loss of strength, no real pain, no shortness of breath, and so on. If any of those symptoms would have started, I would have seen a doctor immediately.

Luckily, I no longer drink like I did when I made the decision to not use Tylenol, so off to acetaminophen I go. For you Brits, that is Paracetamol. I still want nothing to do with the surgery.

I am going to start back with new content soon, both on the show, the Animated series, and here at the blog. I am just waiting until I am back to 100% as being in front of the computer for long periods still gets to me a bit.

Looking forward to moving forward again.



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  3. Gee, Karmyn had vertigo a couple of months ago. We thought it was an ear infection and she got better after taking an antibiotic. You guys must have gone to the same party!! LOL Glad you are feeling better.

  4. Big shouts to the Queen Mother, LOL.

    Thanks, I hope Karmyn is feeling better as well.

    I am glad that you commented here as it reminds me I have something to send to you. Check your email in a few days. I think you will get a kick out of this.


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