With Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse, It is a Race to See Which will Go First

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Amy Winehouse by GC Comix

Amy WinehouseThere are people in the world that live in poverty. People that live a life less than they strive for. There are people with not enough talent, belief, or resources to achieve their goals. There are people that have extreme talent but still go unnoticed.

Then there are absolute fools and wastes of skin like Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty. They have the talent and fame and lifestyle that a lot of others dream of having, and they find every way possible to squander it.

It is craziness.

The latest news, this time on Winehouse, is that she has emphysema, most likely brought on by the combination of her copious intake of tobacco and smoking illicit drugs such as crack.

It is a shame, but I bet this latest plight does nothing to help her turn her life around. She has already lost lung capacity to the disease, which hardens the lungs. Being a singer, that is not very desirable.

Not to mention the other side effects, such as death.

So, while I want to feel bad for her, I can’t. Just as I can’t feel bad for Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, and on and on.

Having talent and the means to have an incredible life are gifts that should never be abused.

Shame on you Winehouse. Shame.

Contrary to popular opinion, being a star, more specifically a “Rockstar”, does require a bit of eccentricity. That is a fact. But hey, Ted Nugent has proven you can have an extreme case of personality, oddity, and eccentricity, and still celebrate and enjoy the hell out of life.

Do the right thing, Amy.


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