Driving Rock Mix and a Family that Needs Your Help: Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #374

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Pic:Waiting for Decay

Waiting for DecayThursday means rock, and we are bringing the rock! Hard rock to be more precise. Get ready for some driving tunes. We have tunes from Royal Court members and first time plays as well.

Also, we talk about a family that needs your help. Two time Iraq War vet Mark rogers and his family were involved in a horrible 8 car crash. Mark got out of the car, but his family could not. With the car on fire, he had to break a window and go back in. He saved his wife and two kids but in the process was burned over 60% of his body. Check out the show for more details.  The links are below, as well as the links to Brian Noe, our fellow Mevio producer who brought this to our attention.

Be sure to get back here tomorrow for the Juggernaut, it will rock.


Eban and SJ

Music on the show

Leaf Hound–Too Many Rock n Roll Times

The Erotics–Ain’t your fix

Switchblade Suicide–Stop Your Bitchin

Waiting for Decay–Mask or Face

Shotgun Serenade–Show Me What You Got

Laws of Gravity–Dance Song

Links for Mark Rogers and his Family

Myspace donation site

News Coverage of the Accident

Brian Noe and his Productions The Frank Truth and The Comedy Genius of Martin and Lewis


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