Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #366: Rock Mix to Start the Week

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Life in a Blender, bandLife in a Blender by Iron Man records

Let’s kick off the week in style!

On the show today, we feature all new artists, new to RL, that is. We have music from The Rebellion, Hot Seconds, The Ram Boola Black, Life in a Blender, and Lothar.

We also look at some celebrity birthdays, talk about Lon Lovitz and Andy dick, and try a new segment called Shit From My Phone.

A lot is going on today. But that is not all. We tell you how you can get two albums, Pop Killer and Last of the Pleasure Seekers, from Royal Court members Rocket City Riot, for FREE! That is right, FREE!

We also get to tell a few people to Eat Our Wieners. Thanks to Lothar for helping on that one.



Music on the show

The Rebellion–Start Us Over

Hot Seconds–Excuse Me and Went to India

The Ram Boola Black–Say Goodbye to Fear

Life in a Blender–Teach Me How To Be Cool

Lothar–Eat My Wiener

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2 Responses

  1. I just added two albums to my music collection, thanks to Rocket City Riot for being so damn generous!

    Eban you are rockin and rollin with the challenge… keep it up!

  2. Ha, thanks! I am having a blast again. I wonder why nobody challenged us before, hmmmm. Obviously we did not have the self starter mentality this time, lol.

    RCR is the featured artist on Thursday’s show.

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