Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #370: Pink Steel Spotlight! It is oh so gay today

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Pink Steel Sausage PartyIn order to keep the focus on yesterday’s Rocket City Riot spotlight over the weekend, we are going to have a Quickjabs Juggernaut today, Hard Rock and Metal Friday!

But, have I got something different for you today. We are going to hear from the band Pink Steel, the gay comedy metal act out of California. This is going to be fun. Hell, with a song name like Sausage Party, how can it not be fun?

Also, we hear from Hanson and Udo as they try to hide the hidden track. Listening to those two makes me wonder if the above party was actually a German Sausage Party? Knackwurst anyone?

In addition to that, we have some great news. I just found out yesterday that one of the very popular podcasts from the old days is unfading and coming back soon! It is Me and the Bean! Check out the new teaser promo on the show today.

SJ and I will be back with a great rock mix on Monday. Don’t miss it.



Songs on the show

Sausage Party


We Fight For Cock

(and maybe a bit extra, shhhhh)

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