Rock Mix Monday with Some Big R/C Changes: Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #371

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The Erotics

The EroticsIs there any better way, besides gallons of coffee, to start the week than rock-n-roll? Hell no, there isn’t! Rock-n-Roll makes the world go round, removes the cobwebs, and kicks ass on any residual hangovers. Prove me wrong.

Can’t eh?

So here we have a great rock mix for you. Two Royal Court members and two brand new plays. We hear from The Erotics and The Substitutes, as well as first timers Infallible and Vision. Great rock bands, one and all!

SJ is taking the day off, but I have enough to fill the show. I talk PR for bands. How to not get my attention. It may seem like I am picking on one of the bands played today, but really, I am just trying to help. Bands are one of the only entities allowed to act like rock stars, embrace thatfact and come up with some great PR. Please.

Today, we also see the end of some of the bands Royal Court run. It is sad, but yes people can get kicked out. Enjoy the Substitutes one more time.

We also have birthdays from today and this weekend and more.


Eban (SJ will be back tomorrow, so don’t say I did not warn you)


Music on the show

The Erotics-Born to Let You Down and Drink, Fight, and Fuck

Infallible-Crush on U

Vision-Don’t touch My guitar

The Substitutes–Last day on the Royal Court–In the City and Taken a Lifetime


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