Royal court rules! Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #360: The Juggernaut

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Metal ape by Eric Kilby
metal apeIt will be brutal.

It will be hard.

It will be oh so satisfying!

We have some great metal for today’s Juggernaut, Hard rock and Metal Friday. As a bonus, all of the music is from RfL Royal Court members! Smeer, Rising conviction, Givehead, Darque Carnival, and Where She Wept are all in the mix today!

Also, we talk a bit about some news from Darque Carnival’s frontman, Shane Whitecloud. We can’t tell you what it is yet, but we will keep you informed until we can let you in. Don’t you just love surprises?

We have received a challenge as well, a challenge we are actually going to accept. We do this because we are either totally inspired, or just total idiots. You make the choice. Listen to find out what the challenge is.

And no, as you are listening to the show, nothing illegal took place in this episode. Just remember, that phrase can mean many different things though 😉 Again, you be the judge.


Eban and SJ

Music on the show


Rising conviction-Ultrasharpe Backstab


Darque Carnival-Renewed Esteme and Last Chance

Where she Wept-Sand and Mercury

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