The Coffee House, Cheech and Chong, a Thank you and a Request: Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #373

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Wolfgang Edelmayer

Wolfgang EdelmayerIt is the Wednesday Coffee House and we have some great acoustic tunes from around the world today. We visit Germany, the UK,and right here in the USA.

Also, tons of birthdays, too many actually. We leave a bunch off and we still get tired of the birthdays. Why were so many people born on this day?

Due to the lead song, we look at things to be thankful for as you age. Always fun.

Cheech and Chong are back, but we talk about possible differences in the old routine.

We are still being asked how to listen to podcasts, with people commenting that they do not have iPods. We look at how to listen to podcasts, maybe you can pass the info on to others AND help us build RfL.

We have hit our best numbers yet and want to say thank you to all the listeners and viewers. You Rock!

As if that was not enough, we have a new member of the Royal Court as well.

It is a full show.


Eban and SJ

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Music on the show

James Casto–Grateful

Wolfgang-Edelmayer–Lonely and A Shakespeare Sonett

Kay Rose–Words Left Unsaid

Lisa Redford–Dragonfly

Rick Seibold–Take it Slow


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