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Ever bit off more than you can chew? Yeah, I tend to do it continually. This blog is a fine example of that.

I have really tried to keep up with things here, but I can’t. I have too many different projects going, and this, at it’s best, was only a complement to my main projects.

So, am I giving up blogging?


I now use magazine style themes at my show sites, Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 and Animated Adventures, which gives me the ability to blog directly on those sites if I have something to say.

The problem here is I don’t always have something to say, so this site goes unupdated more often than not. That is not good.

Also, sometimes I have things to say which don’t require full blog posts. You can always follow my tweets, my friendfeed, and my Utters.

As the title states, I am not taking this down, I am leaving it up as an archive. I thought about using it as SEO and post when I have updated shows, but that is not a great idea. Maybe in the future.

Enjoy the archives, but difinitely subscribe to my show sites, there is a whole lot of RfL goodness coming. Especially as we are right in the middle of a challenge laid down by longtime fan SallyGirl, to go back to our five day a week schedule for a month.

The fun never ends.



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  1. So that is the first thing to know when looking to add to your Vintage Electric Guitar collection.

  2. Great post, makes you wonder….

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  4. Blogging about giving up blogging is okay, but never up blogging. Or give up blogging and start a blog on thefacts of life without a blog…

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