Indie and Alternative Rocks: Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #382

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Lauren and Thomas Edison by AKA Kath

Lauren and Thomas EdisonWe have a great assortment of indie and alternative tunes for you today. We hear from all first time plays here at RfL as well. On the show we have State Shirt, The Cringe–Great freakin name, High Child, and The Morning Light.

This is our first full show in a while, breaking the string of Quickjabs, and it feels great. Most of the things keeping us from full shows are now behind us. Cool, eh?

Also on the show today, we have our dose of celebrity birthdays and even work in some great trivia for you.


Eban and SJ


Music on the show

State Shirt–Life Isn’t Everything

The Cringe–And Then I’m Gone and California

High Child–I Want You To Know My Name and I Tell All My Secrets To My Guitar

The Morning Light–You’re Not Mine


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