Prong, Ministry, and More Great Metal on the Juggernaut: Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #388

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Photo: Firewind

FirewindGreat Metal from around the world on today’s Juggernaut from Reaching for Lucidity 2.0.

We will hear from Azreal’s Bane, Firewind, Prong, Ministry, and Handless Fall. That is some seriously great tunes, all for your listening pleasure to kick off the weekend properly.

Also,  we hardcore celebrity birthdays. Hardcore is our them today. We bring out some hardcore trivia, and we even make Lester cry. The big sissy.

The birthdays that are so hardcore are Bill Parcells, Cindy Williams, and Tori Amos. Yeah, I said hardcore.

We find out George Washington’s hardcore, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle style fortune telling, reply to King George III. We find out where our most hardcore criminals go, and where France’s used to go. We talk about the movie that made Michael Beck incredibly hardcore, and the movie that took it all away. We will always have the Warriors, but Xanadu, let’s try to forget.

Lots more as well.


Music on the show

Azraels Bane from Maryland with Saints and Sinners

Firewind, from Greece with Falling to Pieces and Mercenary Man

Prong, Tommy Victor’s band, with The Banishment

Al Jourgensen checks in with Ministry and Let’s Go

Handless Fall, out of Canada with Crawl Away and Somethings Wrong


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