Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #379: Artist Spotlight Quickjabs on Heels Catch Fire from the UK

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Heels Catch fireWe have yet another artist spotlight quickjabs for you on this Rock Mix Thursday here at Reaching for Lucidity. A quickjabs is in order due to things that happened in the studio this morening. If you want to see these things, follow me at Twitter, the link is

As for the band, this is a great show. We have Heels Catch Fire from the UK. The Brighton area to be more exact. This band has a great, fresh sound. We think you will like this, bigtime.

We are going to hear the songs Jessie and Have You Noticed

Noticed what?

The name of the song, it is Have You Noticed.

There, with that settled, see you tomorrow for the Juggernaut.


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