Reaching for Lucidity and Animated Adventures got Mentioned in a New Squidoo Lens

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This is really cool. A Squidoo lens by a user named Journeymansteve, mentions two RfL Productions as “Must Have” podcasts. The lens says that Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 and Animated Adventures are both, “Podcasts that You Need In Your Listening Rotation.”

Well, I for one am stoked as we are in fine company there along with Podshow Radio, Atomic Suburbia, and more!

Thanks for making that lens Steve. That is a way to make my Sunday. The write up was really good for us.

Check it out everyone, if you get the chance. Maybe even show it to others. We could use another bump in listeners.

Seeing things like this pop up makes our day. We love it when we get props and great feedback.



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