RfL Turns Classic Spotlight on Bach: Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #385

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J.S. BachHere it is, finally, another episode of Reaching for Lucidity Turns Classic!

For today’s episode, we have a spotlight on composer Johann Sebastion Bach performed by Viktoria Mullova and Ottavio Dantone.

Opening music by Marc Enfroy–Unbounded

This officially ends our 30 day challenge laid down by SallyGirl to go back to our original schedule. We did it!

Enjoy the show and be back for a rock mix tomorrow.



Sonata in A, for violin and harpsichord, Sonata in E, for violin and harpsichord, and Trio Sonata No. 5 in C, for violin, organ and continuo Performed by Victoria Mullova and Ottavio Dantone

J.S. Bach: Sonatas for Violin and HarpsichordViktoria Mullova
“Sonata in A, BWV 1015 for violin and harpsichord” (mp3)
from “J.S. Bach: Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord”
(Onyx Classics)

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