Some Great World and World Fusion Music for This Week’s Coffee House: Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #390

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On the Coffee House today we focus on World and World fusion tunes.

Marina VWe yet again go off on a different than usual path, and we are having a blast doing it!

Today for the Coffee House, we explore World and World Fusion music. The thing is, this show is covering a lot of ground as these genres are very eclectic. We think that is a good thing.

We hear from Tucan Tucan to get things started. We then get a two-fer from Royal Court member Marina V which is always a delight. Trisha checks in next, and then Naomi Yohani, our first ever artist from China. To close out the show, we go back to the Royal Court with longtime favorites The Plastic Soul Band with a two-fer.

That is the makings for a great internet radio podcast.

We also have some interesting celebrity birthdays such as Daryl Dragon, Pee Wee Herman, Sarah Chalke, and more.

In trivia today, things get really interesting. We have identical twins in a pageant that are not all that equal. We get inside insight into the meeting between Elvis and the Beatles. And, I share some top secret NASA information. I hope we live through that. Don’t even get me started about tomato fights and cops in the bush. Just listen.

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Eban and SJ

Music on the Show

Tucan Tucan–Sizani

Marina V–Taet Sneg and The Strength I Need

Trisha–Afrika Tsela

Naomi Yohani–Darling

Plastic Soul Band–Somehow and Loop


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