Time for Some Chilled Out Coffee House Tunes: Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #387

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Karmyn Tyler
karmyn tylerToday we have another great collection of chilled out coffee house tunes from the earlier days of RfL. Turning back to some of the tunes that helped launch Reaching for Lucidity yesterday was fun, so here we go again.

We will hear from Jody Shelton, Stefanie Seskin, Karmyn Tyler, The Sleeper’s Opera, and Edie Carey.

Now that is some great tunes.

In addition, we have celebrity birthdays, fun trivia for Aug. 20, and an actual mini idiots all around us segment.

Be sure to be back tomorrow, or subscribe so  you never miss an episode, because we will have a kicking rock mix.


Eban and SJ

Music on the Show

Jody Shelton–All these Sounds

Stefanie Seskin–Be Like You and Chill Now

Karmyn Tyler–Forbidden Love

The Sleepers Opera–Edie Marshal–Grace Falls

Edie Carey–Chemistry


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