An all Instrumental Coffee House: Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #396

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Mark MarshallAn all instrumental Coffee House this week to help us get through this Wednesday. We will be hearing from Ozark Insight, Royal Court Member Rob Costlow, Mark Marshall, David Beard, Marc Enfroy, and Walt Ribeiro.

Just what you need to help get over humpday so we can sprint to the weekend!

We also have our regular look at celebrity birthdays and some trivia to help you win your water cooler wars.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for some great rock! We will be focusing on groove rock, and that is always a fun show!


Eban and SJ

Music on the show

Ozark Insight–Ball and Chain

Rob Costlow–Forbidden

Mark Marshall–Satellite Suite

David Beard–Caissa 1 and 2, Sad and Lonely and Jolly Playtime

Marc Enfroy–The Summit

Walt Ribeiro–Alone


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