Best of RfL, The Original Juggernaut from 6-2-06: Reaching for Lucidity 2.0

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255/365We really need episode #400 to fall on a Friday, so here is the first ever Best of RfL to fill in the days! This is a repeat of the first ever Juggernaut from 6-2-06, show #210



Here are the original shownotes.


Kick ass hard rock and metal from start to finish, that is what is in store today!

If you don’t like it hard, then don’t come in!

We have three tales of family woe, two tales of tits, and lot’s of music history in the segments today. This show will definately kick start the weekend.


The Deadline-Open Wide

Smeer-What Else Can I Do

Lacuna Coil-Swamped

Brand New Sin-Black and Blue

Givehead-Fallen Angels

Rising Conviction-Shudder

In Silence-Scapegoat

Nevermore-Believe in Nothing

Thoughts Lost-Live On


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