Faith Loves Martha Stewart, So Why Am I Writing about Her?

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Well, Martha is talking blogs on an episode of her show, and that is cool. I never knew Martha was a power-blogger, but it does appear that this is the case.

On the episode, she has Perez Hilton as a guest, talking blogs as well. There is actually some great info for those wanting to jump into blogging, so check it out. I have a clip from the episode below.

Actually, I say that Faith is a fan of Martha, and she is, but I sort of idolize her as well. Not because I am a closet super homemaker, but because that lady built an empire, got railroaded legally–unjustly in my opinion, then incarcerated, and still came back stronger than ever.

That sort of makes whining about little things seem pretty petty, eh?

Yeah, Martha rocks!



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