I am about to scream

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vpilfReally, I am.

Things in D.C. right now have me on the verge of giving up and giving in to conspiracy theories about banking  and evil, socialistic, one-world governments. Almost there.

If you read some of the conspiracy nut’s sites, or catch the videos, some of what is happening with the market crisis and probable bailout seems to mirror some of the juiciest theories. Of course, find them yourself. Those nuts do not need my help, even if they may have called one right for once.

As for the Presidential campaign, believe what you want, vote for who you want. Just, please, make your decision on real information, not on what the news says, what the stupid attack ads say, and don’t just spout campaign talking points. Think for yourself.

Truth is, at least to me, we don’t have a very good choice this year. I don’t trust either of the major party candidates all that much, but I do trust one more than the other, and I like the character of one more than the other.

So, please, if you are going to send me something in email, or through a socnet, or any other way, please do not send me stupid crap. Please! No campaign crap. Do not try to argue with me over talking points. It is all irrelevant, from both sides.

Another thing that has me crazy is how people that build relationships with others in non-campaign times, now equate those as nuts or lunatics because of how they will vote. One minute, intelligent, the next a moron, all because of supporting a candidate. Crazy!

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Hey, neither of these choices warrant that kind of mindless defense. What we have is a broken government, and two flawed candidates. Deal with it. No matter who gets elected, there will be little change, much less change we can believe in. So, party hacks from both sides, get off the high horse, you look ridiculus, and some of you are just showing a mean and dark spirit. People will not forget that after the election.

I would normally close with a cheers, but screw it today.


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