Indie, Alternative, and a Special Birthday: Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #397

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The VelmasWe hope you are in the mood for some entertaining music today on Indie and Alternative Tuesday. We have the band, “The Cribs,” to start things off in style. We have a two-for from Reaching for Lucidity favorites, “Lato,” and another two-fer from a band with a long name, “The Curtains and Their Terrifying Story.”

See, Loooooong name.

We finish out the episode with, “The Velmas.”

That is a lot of great tunes for you.

Add to that our trivia section and our celebrity birthdays, and you have a darn good bit of entertainment today! We even have a special, in house, birthday today. It is digital assistant/princess Faith’s birthday today. So, we should quit typing and get to preparing.


Eban and SJ

Music on the Show

The Cribs–I’m a Realist

Lato–Love in a Heart Shaped Box and Tune In

The Curtains and their Terrifying Story–Love You Everyday and Chain of Daisies

The Velmas–Sun


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