Some Pumping Heavy Metal Before the Storm, Hanna That Is: Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #393

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Hybrid DawnAnother Friday means another great dose of hard rock and metal. The show known at Reaching for Lucidity as the Juggernaut!

Today we hear from Hybrid Dawn, DC4, Cavalar, and Elevator Death Squad!

We have a lot of celebrity birthdays today as well, such as Rose McGowan! There are more, but come on, Rose Freakin McGowan!

Does it get better than that?  Not on this podcast!

We even have trivia on top of all that. Wow, huh?

Now, we need to go get ready for Hanna, which may hit as a cat 1 hurricane tonight.


Eban and SJ

Music on the show

Hybrid Dawn–A Kind of Heaven

DC4–God Complex and Candy Caine

Cavalar–Rush and V Red

Elevator Death Squad–Poison Apple

A Mevio production–be sure to check out all the great entertainment they have to offer.


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