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There is a disruption over at the Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 site right now. This is caused by a behind the scenes situation. I am now back in search of entry into the workforce.

My current gig, well, just is not cutting it. Not the Reaching for Lucidity gig, but my current consulting gig. I am putting that away for now. I still like the man behind the company I was consulting for, and that is one of the reasons I have to look elswhere for a check. If I stay dedicated to this project, my friendship with the leader may go downhill.

The project is a good idea, and I am sure some day, it will be a great success. As for now, it is sort of a ship without a rudder, and that is never good.

So, what is next? I don’t know yet. I am actively searching for a new gig. I have my feelers out and have a few resumes out as well.

If anyone out there knows of a gig that needs filling by a web media guy with blogging, design, and copywriting skills, let me know.

Hopefully this transition will go quick. I am going to be putting out a new show tomorrow, and should be back on schedule next week. We will see.

We are still in the countdown to 400, it is just taking longer than usual. As for the show, I just re-signed with Mevio, so take that as you will. Reaching for Lucidity is going to be around for a long time.

Still, wish me luck on the job search. This is one area that I have not been in for some time, so job hunting is a bit of a rusty skill now.

Anyone have a can of WD-40?



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