The Tech World Looks Very Exciting, But It Is Still Aggravating

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The title is serious. 

Why is it that we in the tech world are so willing to accept products and services that don’t work? Services that are in perpetual beta, that launch with caveats that it really doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do yet, but it’s going to be great one day.  Products are the same thing, we get  product launches supposed to change our life but the products don’t necessarily do what the descriptions promise.

It’s a bit strange, because in most areas of our lives, we only accept the best.  We only accept the things that work properly.  But in the tech world, we make constant excuses for things that do not work correctly.

We even embrace things like Twitter, a prime example of services with problems. From the first day it seemed to have scaling problems.  And the “Fail Whale” is known by people that do not even use the service.

The fact is, I use and need these products and services as much as the next guy.  So many people are enamored with what is coming out of Silicon Valley right now, and I guess that is the geek culture.  They, and by they I mean I, just except second-best and barely usable.  There’s not much we can do about it.  If you want to play the game and hang with the “in” crowd, You have to use what is available.

So I guess I wrote this post without an answer to the problem that I pose.  And I guess that makes this kind of redundant, but I decided it is relevant. Every service and damn near every gadget I bought or have used since the beginning of this year has had flaws. Some serious, some just aggravating.  But it’s still the best we have available. 

Maybe the answer is to stop rushing things to market. Stop going for whiz-bang effects and settle for, “it works.”

But, I have been around this long enough to know that will not be the case anytime soon.

I need to go to Think Geek and get some more gear to numb the pain.


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