Heading to Ontario, CA for a Week for New Gig

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putting green by Rdicker

putting green

I may be on the net a lot over the next week, or maybe not at all. I don’t know exactly how my internet access will come to me, away from work, as I am on a business trip to California.

This trip is for my new gig. I am running the internet operations for a new golf retailer in Wake Forest. I was really hoping for this position, so I feel really lucky. I have to say that going on a golf business trip across the country for a new job feels a bit weird seeing the turmoil with the economy right now.

I stand firm that golf, much like alcohol, comfort food, and all the other diversions available, will stay strong. These are the things that people turn to when they need to escape reality.

So, until next time, which I hope is soon, Cheers!


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