It is Episode 400, Finally! Reaching for Lucidity 2.0: The Juggernaut

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Pic: In This Moment…
In This MomentIt is show #400 and we are getting brutal. It is the Juggernaut, Hard Rock and Metal Friday!

We have music from In This Moment, Poisonblack, Into Eternity, and Attackhead. We are going to send you into the weekend with the best metal and hard rock stuck in your head.

Would you want it any other way?

I thought not!

No big celebration today, just great tunes. Again, would you want it any other way?

Again, I thought not.

We also have our regular segments, celebrity birthdays, trivia, and finally back from vacation, it is the return of SJ!

Yeah, you could have probably lived without that one, but we take the good with the bad, eh? (Yes, I will have to deal with SJ after writing that)

So, kick back, buckle your seat belts, and get ready for some brain scrambling music. It would not be a proper Friday at RfL otherwise.


Eban and SJ

Music on the show

In This Moment: Forever

In This Moment, Maria Brink

Poisonblack: HateLove and Left Behind


Into Eternity: Splintered Visions and Time Immemorial

Into Eternity

Attackhead: Waste of Life and Lead the Blind



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