Just What is Taking Up My Vacation Time From the Show?

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Quite a bit, actually.

For one, I am going to be in the Ontario, California area from the 12th to the 17th of this month. As soon as I return, I need to jump into the new job.

This leaves me in a very busy state right now as I have several projects that are a bit more urgent than before. I need to complete these projects before my trip to California. It is this time crunch that is having the most effect on the show production right now.

Also, I have some unfinished business that requires my attention. My sanity is at stake. You see, I started something I never finished and it is sticking in my head space like a thorn. I started a certain certification course – this was a while back, and due to either fear of failure, or just asinine procrastination, I never finished the course.

I have decided that the time to get the certification is now as I can’t shake the bad feelings associated with ditching the project. I usually try to take projects to a logical conclusion point of either success or failure. In this case, I just left it open and I can’t take that.

This coursework is not really a pressing thing as it will take some time to finish, but debating the decision to move forward has controlled quite a bit of mental energy lately. This has played a roll in not being up to doing shows recently.

Lastly, I have some home projects that need completing this week. Home projects are so much fun – sarcasm turned on there. Those gutters won’t clean themselves.

For those wondering about the show after my vacation from production, have no fears, I am already starting to chomp at the bit to do new shows. By Oct. 20, I will be unable to keep from producing again.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Now, let’s all have a great week as well.



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