Qucikjabs Spotlight on RfL Royalty, Karmyn Tyler and Cheryl B. Engelhardt: Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 #399

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Wow, #399!

We are actually going to hit episode 400 on Friday as planned. But first, let’s take care of this show.

We are focusing this quickjabs on two incredibly talented ladies, and longtime royalty at Reaching for Lucidity. We have two songs each by Karmyn Tyler and Cheryl B. Engelhardt. And yes, that makes for a great show.

Karmyn Tyler by Micheal Dambrosia

Karmyn Tyler

Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Cheryl B. Engelhardt

As you may be able to hear in this episode, I am feeling a lot better than the last show. I am hoping to be 100% by the Juggernaut on Friday. SJ is also chomping at the bit to get back into the action.

Hey, the little demon boy is feeling left out.

Another thing you may notice is this Wednesday Coffee House is coming out on a Thursday. Well, the show was recorded on time, my sites at Dreamhost were unfortunately going down, then back up, then down again yesterday. This website highway to hell was keeping me from posting yesterday. Hey, one day late is not too bad, eh. We have had worse here.

I normally love Dreamhost, but lately, things have been a little wonky. (actually that is not totally true. Dreamhost has offered the best hosting experience I have ever had online. I, with no hesitation, endorse their services)

Well, enjoy the show and be back here for 400!

Songs on the Show

Karmyn Tyler: Drifting and Forbidden Love (pic by: Ballerini Cooley Studios)

Karmyn Tyler

Cheryl B. Engelhardt: Hard to Come By and Proof

Cheryl B. Engelhardt


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