RfL Goes Into A Trance! Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 episode 401

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Photos. Chemical13 by Moreno and Vision 3 by Astarothcy …

For the first time ever, RfL goes into a trance, the trance stylings of DJ and Producer Makrolon, that is.

Yep, Trance.

It is episode 401, and I thought it would be a good time to try something different. Since it is a Quickjabs today and not a full show, I figured why the hell not.

The show is all about DJ and Producer Makrolon from Croatia. He is a classically trained musician and is just at ease with Mozart as with the electronic scene.

Still, no Mozart in sight today. All trance.

These songs are remixes and reworked pieces from Makrolon’s impressive catalog.

Also, we hear from our buddy Brent Bradley. He sent a great audio clip for the 400th episode, but I got the email after I recorded the show, so we hear it today. Brent is the host of Podshow Radio, which is one of the best music shows on the net. Get over there and subscribe!

chemical 13

Songs on the show

Inner Smile – make a Change (Makrolon Radio Mix)
Estive – Fame (Makrolon Reworked)
Digital Nature and Manuel le Saux – pretender (Makrolon Remix)
Dj Merlin and Dj C Bass- Trancemission (Makrolon Remix)



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