I Didn’t Vote for Obama, But He is My President Now

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Obama and McCainThat’s right,I didn’t vote for Obama, but he is my President now. Well, he will be after inauguration.

Why do I feel the need to say this? Think back to the comments made after Bush’s victories. The, ” he’s not MY president,” comments. Well, just as those comments were wrong and divisive then, they are just as wrong and divisive now.

We now have to come together behind our President. This will be hard for some that voted the other way, but still necessary. What is important here is the United States of America, not who won or lost.

I am looking at various comments on the internet today, from supporters of both sides, and I am shaking my head. The goal of any campaign is to get the people to internalize the message they want you to hear and to reject evidence to the contrary. Obama was a master of this, but McCain was no slouch. Had he not been saddled with the economic meltdown, his party association with Bush, and other various ball and chains, this could have been different.

I did not mean the above to be a negative against either candidate. This is how politics work. here is what I mean.

Let’s look at attack ads. Well, attack ads are the backbone of campaigns. It is just a fact. The thing is, while the opposition ads are always attacks, the guy you support is just telling the honest to goodness truth. The power is in doing the ads so well that the viewer internalizes the intent as well as the content. That is why people that understand politics get so tired of all ads and speeches so quickly. These ads and speeches are not meant for the thinkers of either side, but the easily swayed or gullible.

Have you ever wondered why these political opponents can run ads condemning each other, then show up at a function of some type and act as old friends? It is because they don’t internalize things, to them it is just business as usual. Biden and McCain have known each other longer than most husbands and wives have been together, and are friends. The call to Obama made by McCain was sincere, as was Obama’s pledge that he hopes to work with Sen. McCain in his term(s) as President.

To think otherwise would be to believe football teams take actual offense to the other team scoring. It is a game, just as political campaigns are. The only difference is the stakes.

So, everyone, get over it. I for one am going to congratulate Obama on his well done victory. Yes, he is now my President elect.

I will however hold him to the same scrutiny as any other President. I only ask that those of you that voted for him do the same. Don’t give him a blank check. he will do some things right, but he will do some things wrong. No matter who gets elected, we must always make sure that their actions, and not just their words, are in the best interest of this Country.

My bigger concern right now is Congress. This mess of a collective, both senate and the house, was bad before, and we need to come together to force them to get their act together. Congress’ approval rating were far below Bush’s, and yet a lot of old guard were reelected.

Let’s stay vigilant people.

And for those that did internalize this election cycle, the game is over. Now, let’s get to work. McCain and Obama are, so let’s follow their lead.


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