The end of Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 as the Flagship of RfL Productions

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It had to happen as nothing lasts forever, but Tuesday, November 11 will be the last scheduled Reaching for Lucidity 2.0. After that, the once mighty flagship show of RfL is going to be relegated to the ,”Whenever I feel like updating,” class.

Reaching for Lucidity Productions will continue on, make no mistake about that, the focus will just be shifted.

For a while now, producing the 2.0 show has been less than fun. It had become a chore. I no longer looked forward to getting into the producer chair and grinding out a show. There are many reasons for this, from contract issues, to band issues, and so on.

One other factor was the animated series, which had fallen on bad times. Well, things are heating up again with the animated series, and with more freedom than I have had in a while, it is time to put my focus back on that show and make a play for the future of RfL.

By continuing to put my focus on the 2.0 show first, I was never in the right mindset to give the animation a solid go. Add to this the fact that I do believe I had taken Rfl 2.0 to it’s logical high point. After 403 episodes and over three years of work, 2.0 was all that it was ever going to be.

I will still produce the odd 2.0 and Quickjabs. It just will not have any regularity. It may be once a week, or maybe once a month, maybe even once every 6 weeks. If I feel like doing a show, I will. No more, no less.

I have some great scripts for the animated series almost ready to go. I will send out copies to anyone that may like a part. Do to upgraded software and equipment, it is now possible for my to tell the stories I want to tell and not the stories I can tell due to the limits of my systems. I am very excited about this.

So, do not unsubscribe, you will still get shows, just know that things have changed here at RfL.

I could not be happier.



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