Wonder Where the Hell I have Been?

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Or not.

Either way is fine, I am going to tell you anyway. I recently took the position of E-commerce director for the new Raleigh golf retailer, Certified Golf. The online portal is Ameritech Golf. Well, that has eaten up the past few weeks, start of day until the end. Getting things going, alongside the start of the retail side, has been a challenge.

Certified Golf

Well, I now am starting to have time to get back to my endevors. I have scripts finished for the animated series, I have things to talk about on the 2.0 show. So look for some new media coming forth very soon.

My time away from RfL has sucked, and it is good to be able to get going again.

If you are in the Raleigh area, check out the store. it is at

Certified Golf
Wakefield Commons
14460 New Falls of Neuse Ste 107
Raleigh, NC 27614-8227

Click on the map to go to Mapquest for directions.

Certified Golf



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