Eclectic Rock Mix to Start the Week: Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 Ep. #405

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Here we go, some great and diverse rock to get this week going!

We Have tunes from Samuel Ventura, Esteban–not the shopping channel guy–The Vital Might, Sub Rose, and Royal Court Member Chris Juergensen!

That is some great rock.

We also get some information on the great organization started by Ericka Fitch Hart called The Ultimate You. Click here if you are interested in the 24 hour pampering retreat we talk about in the show.

We a;lso have our look at celebrity birthdays for Jan. 26. SJ manages to screw up again mistaking Scott Glen for John Glen. Go figure. We also have trivia and more.

All kinds of fun!

Music on the Show

Samuel Ventura – Strawberry Soda

samuel ventura

Esteban – Wake Up and Shanty mansion


The Vital Might – Fly in form

The Vital Might

Sub Rose (Jason Jones) – Something Like An Angel

Sub Rose

Chris Juergensen – Nothing’s Got Me

Chris Juergensen


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