First Full Episode of 2009, and it is a JUGGERNAUT! Reaching for Lucidity 2.0 ep #404

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The First Full Show of 2009!

Oh yes, it is the Juggernaut, which is normally Hard Rock and Metal Friday, but this week it is Hard Rock and Metal Saturday. We have music from around the globe to kick your ass today.

We have bands from around the world for your ears. From The Netherlands, we have Chiraw and Non Devine. From California, we have favorites In Silence. From Nevada, we have royal court members Darque Carnival. From Washington, we have Lucid. And from Norway, we have K9!

That is a lot of great hard rock and metal music! Seriously!

But you know it would not be RfL 2.0 if that is all we offered you. We have our look at celebrity birthdays as well as trivia from Jan 24th. How about the first beer can? That is interesting, right? How about the gold rush? What about the product that got us all saying “anal Leakage?” Even the Eskimos, pies, and indirectly, Steven King, play into all of this.

Sj takes the reigns to tell us what happened to the stars of the movie, “The Breakfast Club”, and even confuses Judd Hersch with Judd Nelson. What an idiot! And just for kicks, he also let’s us know just why Andy Dick is, well, a total dick.

That is a lot to fit into a show, but we do it, mistakes, mis-takes, and all.

It may not always be pretty, but it is always fun.


Music on the show!

Lucid – Sirens

Lucid the band

Non Divine – Visions

Non Divine the Band

Darque Carnival – Down Driven

Darque Carnival

In Silence – To Walk Away

In Silence the band

K9 – Fraction of Time

K9 the band

ChiRaw – Domination



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