Freaking Kids Today Are Too Into Comfort to Have Fun

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It snowed in Raleigh today. I love the snow, so much so that today’s snow has me thinking of when Effie and I lived in the German Alps and in Colorado. I think I may want to move back now.

Guess who else really likes the snow. Elway loves it! She comes in for a few minutes and then it is straight back outside. She has been chasing snowballs we throw for her and is just having a blast.

But, guess who doesn’t seem to like the snow, the damn kids in the neighborhood. That’s right. The kids.

The schools here have closed, so the kids are home. It does not snow that often in Raleigh, so it is not like this is business as usual. So what the hell?

Faith and I have already been out playing with Elway. When I was in Colorado, the kids loved being out in the first few snows of the season – yes, the mystique wore off as the winter wore on – but the first few you could not keep the kids in. When I was a young punk in the south, and later a young man – ok, still a punk, just older – in Texas, everyone was out in the snow.

Here in this neighborhood, where the kids are all out, all day, everyday, screaming and playing on the warm days, nothing. No adults either, save for Faith and I and Elway.

My question is this. Have kids really become this pathetic? Are they all total pussies? Where are the snowmen? Where are the snowball fights? Where is the joy?

I am having a blast today. But still, I am a bit sad. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony must be loving it!



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  1. haha, I’ll agree with you there, but I can’t stand seeing kids in stores, they hang out in their little “gangs” and try to act tough, but it ends up all they do is talk shit and that’s it. They’re too afraid to bleed.

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