It’s Backkkkkk! Well, On Monday That Is.

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A New Show, Monday!
Now, you are asking yourself, “did I really just read that?”
The answer is YES, you did just read that. RfL 2.0 is back on Monday. In February, you will also see the return of the Animated Adventures.
You have probably already noticed the new splash page that greets you when you visit the site. It is all part of the new direction of RfL. A direction I have been wanting to follow for some time now, but due to other obligations – and yes, it is what you are thinking, unless you are not – I was unable to do things exactly as I wanted.
Those times are gone now, and my focus will be back to what I originally wnated to accomplish. The shows will be better for it, hopefully.
So, cheers to all that have stuck around. And cheers to all the new folks as well. This will be a fun ride, again. Why again? Well, I don’t think it is much of a secret to old timers, ugh, I mean longtime fans, that the show had stopped being fun. Now, consider the last year as an abomination. It is back to the fun here at Reaching for Lucidity Productions.
And for those wondering, I am still under contract with Mevio. It is just that things have changed. I really can’t explain more thatn that.

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