Reaching for Lucidity Episode #403: Quickjabs Artist Spotlight on Richard Seypka

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We are back, and we are starting with an artist spotlight quickjabs, episode #403. Thgis is all about Richard Seypka from Canada, who just happens to be the perfect match for our long awaited return, and first show of 2009.

We are returning with our first full length episode, including SJ, on Friday as we have to come back with a Juggernaut. Until then, we will have one more Quickjabs.

Also, on Thursday, I am hosting the Inside919 Business Network January Social. It will be a red carpet kind of broadcast live on the net. If you want to catch it, I will be posting info soon. It will be available on the front page. It should be a lot of fun!

It is great to be back in action.

We missed ya!

Check out Richard at

Songs on today’s show:

Minds, Flashback, and Halos


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