Brad O’Leary Outlines the Pitfalls of The Presidents First 30 Days

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Get mad at me for saying this, but I truly hope things keep going in the direction B.O.’s Presidency has gone so far. The biggest point to me in this story by Brad O’Leary is the evident buyers remorse among the young. The same young Americans that were the engine behind Obama’s victory. Hey, finally change I can believe in.

Maybe there is hope yet.

I still have one question to ask those that still support this President. This question is not for those that think they are now free of having to worry about their house and car payments. This question is for those that have half a brain. This question has not been answered credibly as of yet.

The question is:

If one of the reasons you hated George Bush was his over spending and ruining of the economy, which led to you electing B.O. on a platform of change, how do you justify B.O. and his gang of miscreants doing more of the same and calling it change?

That is my main question, but there are more. Such as, what is up with B.O. breaking his own rules by appointing tax cheats, lobbyists, and old Clinton cronies as his cabinet and to other high ranking positions?

Come on, you can say he did not know about the tax problems of several of his appointees, but hell, are you not the same B.O. supporters that were all over the supposed under-vetting of Sara Palin? Where was Obama’s vetting crew on this? He had to know the world would be watching his every move. Or maybe he thought the media lovefest that got him elected would go on forever.

That would mean he is not all that wise.

And don’t get me started on the Birth Certificate. I was not one of those that put all that much stock in this eligibility story, but then it struck me, John Mccain was vetted due to his birth in Panama. Why wasn’t B.O. given the same scrutiny? It is just a birth certificate. Hell, the average warehouse worker gets vetted more thoroughly than this.

My question is, if he has nothing to hide, why the hell doesn’t he just put the questions to rest? Remember, he is the President, he works for us. We do have the right to have these questions answered.

Now, go check out Brad O’Leary’s story below.


Brad o’Leary: Report Card:Obama’s 1st 30 Days

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