New Media Cynic?

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So, just what is the new media cynic? Well, it is going to be a regular series here at RfL where I, the self appointed New Media Cynic, will take a cynical view of all the hoopla surrounding the world of tech, social networking, blogging, podcasting, and all other forms of what is being called new media.

Why? Why not. Even as I am a new media, or as I prefer, a web media producer, I have to admit that there is a great amount of bullshit in this online world, also known affectionately by some as the echo chamber. There are also several versions of the overused phrase, “Cult of Personality.”

I want to take the wind out of some of the crazier aspects of new media.

So, here I go, the New Media Cynic.

Do I expect anyone to agree with me? No.

Do I expect anyone to care what I have to say? No.

Will that stop me from saying it? No, actually, hell no!

Do I expect I have some kind of special right to start this series? Not special rights, we all have this right online. Get over it and speak your mind as well.

I am not the first to take on the dumb aspects of the social, new, web, or whatever, media. I will not be the last, or the best either. That would probably be Loren Feldman. I am just another voice, hopefully of reason, but at least of dissent.

There are just not enough dissenting voices out there. That is a shame as dissent is a good thing. I of course mean true dissent, which is often the engine that finds truth, not the kind of dissent we have become accustomed to of late. The kind of dissent which means if you disagree with me then you are oppressing me.

With that, feel free to argue with me in a show of dissent to my thoughts. I of course keep the right to totally disagree right back at you. All is fair.

One thing I will not tolerate, and by tolerate I mean that I reserve the right to totally make fun of you and call you out as an imbecile, is fanboy-ism. If I make a point, and that point is about someone prominent in the echo chamber, and you then start an argument on the basis that I have no right to talk about that person because of who he or she is, I will take you down. No shit!

Well, Let’s have some fun, eh?


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