New Usability Features and a New Section Here at RfL Productions

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We have some new features here at the Reaching for Lucidity Productions site to make your stay here more enjoyable. Most of these new features are back end things, and to be honest, are a bit boring. But, one new feature will stand out. Individual feeds.

Yep, just look at the sidebar and there you go. Individual feeds for each section of RfL Productions.

It would be nice to think that everyone out there is a fan of everything that is done here, but I know that is probably not he case. Some people like the animation, some the RfL 2.0 shows, or the Centro Hits, or whatever combination. Up until now your only subscription option was all or nothing. Now, you get to choose what you want from RfL.

How cool is that?

You may also notice that I have a new section, The New Media Cynic. That is what it sounds like. It is the place where I get to say all the honest, or even non-nice things on my mind about htis little world of social, new, web, or whatever media.

We also have a Quickjabs Juggernaut coming out on Friday, so be ready. It will totally rock.



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