Quickjabs Artist Spotlight on Japanese Band President Gas: Reaching forl Lucidity 2.0 Ep #407

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Hey Everyone, welcome back to Reaching for Lucidity. It is February 8, 2009 as we record this episode, which is episode 407. Yeah, we call it episode 406 in the show, but then we are not big on facts here.

We have an all new equipment setup, and now we can get back to work. The last couple of shows have had horrible sound, and I tried to mask it, effect it, crunch it, whatever, but the fact is my equipment needed an upgrade. Upgrade now done, it is back to the grind.

We are going to have three Quickjab artist spotlight shows this week, starting with this one.

Today, we have the Japanese band President Gas in our Quickjabs Artist Spotlight. Any longtime listener will know I have a strange fixation with elements of Japanese culture. If you are not a longtime listener, well, now you know as well.

With that out of the way, Let’s get to the tunes, eh?

President gas

Songs on the show

Pig, A Stellar Dream, Badge, and Hanage Man

I hope you enjoy this show. I will be back Tuesday, and then again Friday with two more Quickjabs.

Full shows coming soon, as is the re-boot of the animated series.




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